Monday, 23 February 2009

Sometimes protest works…

NBR, 4:17pm: Government calls delay on S92
   The government is to delay implementation of the controversial Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment (New Technologies Act) due to come into force February 28.
    Prime Minister John Key announced at a post-cabinet press conference this afternoon that implementation of the controversial clause of the copyright legislation to be delayed until March 27.
   “We are hoping that by that time we will have come up with a voluntary code of practice,” Mr Key said.
    If no agreement is reached, Section 92A will be suspended.


  1. How about that!


  2. Good grief: this National gummint appears to have learnt from the lesson of the last Liarbore gummint: listen to the people occasionally, they’re not as clueless as you think…

    (or as powerless)

  3. First the EFA and now this. Good news indeed. It is encouraging that if we make enough noise this government will listen. However there are noisy sections of the population that are clueless and will be calling for the government to do very silly things like prop up their jobs etc. Will the Nats respond to them too?

  4. This appears to indicate some level of common sense from our politicians - makes you wonder what they're up to eh?

  5. Richard McGrath24 Feb 2009, 10:19:00

    My MP (John Hayes) e-mailed back to me yesterday after I wrote to him, saying he hoped common sense would prevail. It did.

  6. "Common sense." Isn't it funny how non-existent it is around parliament, yet it's invoked as a a course of necessity every time they screw up?

  7. Thank god fucking Judith Tizard is gone. This quote is a shining example of why her and her ilk should be lined up against a wall: "While I understand the concern of internet users who think that their rights to free music and free films are threatened, the right is not to steal New Zealand music and film makers' work. The right to use the internet is a vital one, but libraries can provide it." Libraries???? She even wants internet access to be provided only by the government???? People may say she's a harmless lazy idiot, but even morons can cause trouble when they get bored.

  8. Yes, she is a complete moron, but in her defence I think this is just poor use of a pronoun. The 'it' to which she refers is, I think, "New Zealand music and film makers' work."

    They could also buy it.

    But here's why she is a fucking moron: While I agree with her that there is no "right" to steal music and films, her "guilt by association" rule is not the way to go about attacking it.

  9. Good point - I was so incensed at the suggestion that I didn't read it another couple of times just in case it was a mistake down to poor editing. She still makes a bloody stupid point though. NZ music is almost never good enough for people to want to pirate, that's why they have quotas to force us to listen to it. It's just another excuse for more red tape.


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