Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Rain, Steam, and Speed - J.M.W.Turner [updated]


If you had a problem with the Monet the other day – if Impressionism just isn’t your bag – then Turner’s work, which inspired Monet and his contemporaries, will give you heartburn.

It does me.

There is a whole wing of London’s Tate Gallery dedicated to the work of Turner, described as “a painter of light.”  And with this piece, The UltraOrange blog seeks to draw you into his web with words and music and the power of the image.

See if you fall prey to the seduction.


  1. Get seduced by J.M.W. Turner
    visit www.turnermuseum.org/galleries
    for a FEAST of Turners.
    See our latest shows "Matisse and JMW Turner" and the vortex essay
    "J.M.W. Turner and the Sublime" by Isis Marina Graham trustee
    Cordial invitation from
    Douglass Montrose-Graem

  2. Actually, Turner (and this piece in particular) is among the few Impressionists I like.

    Not sure why.

  3. Where's the train?

    Looks like a yurt on a Mongolian plain.


  4. You would enjoy this website Peter, the video on Vermeer is fascinating and there is Turner making an appearance right down the bottom of the page.



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