Friday, 27 February 2009

The path from waste to glory

Reading Liberty Scott’s superb fiskng of the Obamessiah’s flatulent State of the Union speech, a point from history leapt up and bit me:

"I have appointed a proven and aggressive Inspector General to ferret out any and all cases of waste and fraud,” said the Messiah in his speech.  And you know something, back in the forties the US Senate under Franklin Roosevelt quickly realised the importance of “ferreting out any and all cases of waste and fraud,” which pretty much described all government spending at that time, that it set up a Committee to investigate the waste and the fraud. And that Committee was so busy and it found so much pork – this in the midst of wartime – that the Chairman of that Committee, one Harry Truman, a Democrat, was vaulted from obscurity right into the position of the Vice Presidency, just in order to shut him up.

And as history will show, within just a few months of being elected to the VP’s job he had the job of President.

Such is the way political advancement is made.

Keep an eye on the man or woman appointed Inspector General of Waste and Fraud.  This could cement their path to the top.


  1. I'm heroically reading Atlas Shrugged at the moment, and the more I read the more real life resembles the "fiction".
    Whatever next?

  2. The "job summit" was a big waste.

    How many of these talk fests have NZ govt wallahs had over the years. Always the same. Talk. Bullshit. Lobby for special priviledges. Back room deals.



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