Monday, 9 February 2009

One-eyed idiocy

While Australia burns and the world's economies plummet, Britain is in an uproar because Jeremy Clarkson called Gordon Brown a "one-eyed Scottish idiot." Poor lamb.
The Sun reports:
Jeremy Clarkson said sorry yesterday for calling Gordon Brown a “one-eyed
Scottish idiot” — EXCEPT for the IDIOT part.


  1. But he is a one eyed scottish idiot. So whats the problem?

  2. Beats the hell out of me, Lucy. ;^)

  3. One-eyed and Scottish is certainly a correct description. Dangerous and tyrant are also good words in this context.
    Whether or not he could be described as an idiot depends on your world view I suppose. In certain fields he undoubtedly excels - he could certainly teach Obama a thing or two about the stealthy acquisition of power, and the slow but steady erosion of individual rights and freedoms.

  4. Since when has Scottish been an insult?

  5. "Since when has Scottish been an insult?"

    Curious that - it seems to be the Scots that are most offended by it!


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