Friday, 20 February 2009

Best NOT PC for the week

A week of recrimination, politicisation and exasperation -- dominated at this blog at least by a post where I shut up and let you talk, which was an order of magnitude more widely read than any other post here.

Maybe I should shut up more often?

Here’s the posts NOT PC readers  liked reading most over these last seven days or so.  If you missed out, here’s your chance to catch up:

  • General debate
    In which I say nothing, and you lot celebrate.  You think we should try this again sometime, huh?
  • As CO2 rises, temperatures … don’t
    Our carbon emissions are rising, say warmists!  Maybe, but our temperatures aren’t.  You think there’s maybe a problem with warmist theory?
  • Good news from ignoring bad law
    A Victorian family fined for “illegally” clearing the bush around their home to make a firebreak survived the savage bushfires.  Would that some of their neighbours had.
  • NOT PJ: Carisbroke
    What is it with politicians and stadiums? Even those rare politicians who are only slightly profligate, when presented with an artist’s impression of a stadium they develop all the self control of a half-Irish half-Frenchman with six hours to live who’s discovered a liquor cabinet in a brothel.
  • Law versus a lynch mob
    Contrast the words “The retaliatory use of force requires objective rules of evidence to establish that a crime has been committed” with what you read as you thumb through s92A of the Copyright Act…
  • ARI outreach hits London
    NOT PC readers who, like me, follow the progress of Objectivism with great interest will be very pleased to hear of the Ayn Rand Institute's new "outreach" programme.
  • NOT PJ: Free Bank (to a Good Home)
    Our correspondent Bernard Darnton serves up a history lesson this week – with the promise that obscene ranting will resume as usual next week.

And the favourite art post of the last seven days was … by Mr Matisse.  Enjoy, and thanks for reading and contributing.
Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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  1. How about the kapa haka judge who told some contestants to stop their "monkey business" ?


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