Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A victory for … [updated]

captionchallengeThe canonisation tomorrow of the Obamessiah is a victory alright -– a victory for Airhead America over the America created by its founders.

Read this piece that’s been circulating on the internet to concretise who wins tomorrow, and what loses: ‘A victory for Obama-worshippers.’

The Obamessiah has ridden to the inauguration following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, visiting the Lincoln Memorial with the entire press corps in tow, and will be sworn in tomorrow on the Lincoln Bible –- which means among other ironies a man known for using a lot of verbiage to say very little is thus invoking a president (Lincoln) renowned for using very little to say a whole lot.

UPDATEThe Onion reports that Congress are debating a suitable addition to the inauguration [hat tip No Minister].  And note that Comedy Central will be live blogging the event, perhaps the best way to experience it while keeping your food down.

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