Friday, 23 January 2009

Popular NOT PC so far this year

After a long, hot, relaxed summer holiday, a long, slow start back would be ideal.  If only.  And to make matters worse, my first full week back blogging also turned out to be Obama Week.  Phew.  At least the visit of  the legendary Mr Cohen last night made things delightfully better.

Anyway, here’s what you, dear readers, seemed to like most out of what was posted here at NOT PC since Christmas:

  1. Kerfuffle in a falafel food hall
    Who would have thought that the biggest local story of the year so far was the bigotry of an Invercargill falafel shop owner, or that the most popular post of the year so far would be one defending  his right to be a bigot on his own property – or that so few readers would apparently understand the difference between persuasion and force.
  2. Patrick McGoohan (1928-2009)
    "I will not make any deals with you,” he declared in his most famous role. “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered! My life is my own."  Sadly, his life is now no longer.  Farewell Patrick.
  3. DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: Hail to the Chief!
    On the eve of this week’s coronation of the Obamessiah, Doc McGrath watches a movie about a populist demagogue who promises job creation, public works redistribution of wealth and redemption for everyone except the wealthy.  And waddya know, it’s not about the Messiah …
  4. Not PJ: Pharmacy Floppy Flip Flop
    It’s time for a change. Change we can be flabbergasted at. And when the Ministry of Health does change, says Bernard Darnton, it really is something to be flabbergasted about.
  5. First-of-the-New-Year Ramble
    A bunch o’ links y’all seemed to like to what appeared around the traps while I was away sunning myself in the Bay of Plenty.
  6. NOT PJ: Smoke and MRIs
    Bernard Darnton scientifically calculates the amount of bullshit in the newspaper -- and finds it’s increased by 76.29% since records began!
  7. The crowning of the Messiah
    A few jokes here at this post, and then something a bit more reflective in the next post:
    Rhetoric, hope, hysteria … it's all in a day's coronation.

Not a bad haul for a slow January, I think you’ll have to admit.  And the good folk at the Objectivism O-Bloggers network have been busy too. Okay, busier.  Check out this week’s O-Bloggers’ round-up for lots more good stuff.

Cheers, PC.

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  1. Jonathan Barrett24 Jan 2009, 18:49:00

    Peter, just FYI - someone is selling VCR tapes of the complete Ring Cycle on TradeMe (no, not me). The auction no is 199354756.


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