Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Essay entrant

Callum McPetrie submits his entry to this year’s Kennard Freedom Prize for young Australasians.  His subject: “What responsibility, if any, do governments have for the liberty, prosperity and security of individuals?" .

His answers to the substantive questions: everything, nothing and nothing respectively.

Reads like a winner to me.

Good to see organisations recognising the value of essay competitions in spreading ideas.

NB:  On a related note, the Ayn Rand Institute has announced its winners in the 11th annual essay competition on Atlas Shrugged (read the winning essay here), The Fountainhead (read the winning essay here) and Anthem (read the winning essay here).  521 prizes totalling US$81,000 has been awarded.

And local students might want to begin thinking about this for this year:  some colleagues will be offering prizes this year to NZ students for essays on either Atlas or The Fountainhead.  As soon as details are clarified, you’ll read them here first…


  1. Splendid result Callum. Well done!

    I cannot wait for the local essay competition as it shows how proactive the libertarian movement in New Zealand is becoming.

  2. Thanks Elijah and PC!

    I'll make sure to get it into TFR ASAP.


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