Thursday, 20 November 2008

Top blogs

Blogosphere ranking are out covering the election period ... and I can tell you that NOT PC did better than the Libertarianz, dropping just one spot to six.

Big movers are No Minister, zooming up six places past me to four, and Trevor Loudon's New Zeal, whose online Obama investigations are paying off in increased readership (congratulations to you both), and  Policy Blog, which dipped three spots even before the departure of Messrs Trotter and Hooton.  Oops.  Guess slime and venom doesn't pay like it used to.

Head to Tumeke! to check out the top twenty, and head back tomorrow for the full list.


  1. Why would Catholic Central (No Minster) be moving up?

  2. Hmm, it looks like No Minster is quite a different blog now or I'm confusing things a bit. Wasn't this the blog where we had a catholic lady saying the inquisition was actually to protect heretics against being burned on the state?

    Ah, after some googling it seems that I'm confusing this with

    Sorry about that Adolf :-)

  3. Berend, we are closer to Dutch Reformed, you know.

    BTW, haven't seen you for a while. Coming to blogger drinks tomorrow?

  4. Try the listings at half done for a more scientific ranking system. he has them done in hours and is not using a big pot of yogurt, runes and subjective rules to determine the rankings.

  5. Provided Tumeke measures us off our new url and finds a way to deal with the problem with technorati that changing url's creates, expect MandM to be one of the top climbers in the field.

    Our reach has more than tripled in the last month.

  6. We climbed 27 spots. Keep that spot cosy PC ;-)

  7. Yes BdB we are a different blog now.
    Our religious friends moved off to NZ Conservative, where they are prospering nicely.
    I don't know about Adolf and his Dutch refornmed, but I'm Church of England and we know what a Godless bunch of non-believers they are.

  8. Bloggers drinks are at The Cavalier in College Hill, Ponsonby, today?friday at 6pm.
    Would love to see you BdB and as many people as possible.

    Check no Minister for details

  9. Hi Fairfacts, unfortunately got an appointment at 7pm where I cannot possibly appear drunk. But keep me posted about the next one.


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