Friday, 7 November 2008

A story of two morons

Here's a story of two morons, only one of whom is called John.

John Key says, "Nanny State is storming through your front door," yet he plans to do nothing about it.  Notes Martin Bradbury at Tumeke:

[TV3's Sunrise co-host Oliver Driver] ran through a list of the Nanny State hit list and asked if John Key would change any of them. A slightly perturbed John Key had to stand unblinking as Oliver went through them…
    Driver: “Prostitution Reform Law”
    Key: “No”
    Driver: “Civil Union Act”
    Key: “No”
    Driver: “Repeal of Section 59”
    Key gulps: “We’ve always said that we wouldn’t do anything if the law is working”
    Driver: “Power saving light bulbs”
    Key: “No”

image John Key is just dishonest, but the first moron really is you.  That is, if you think voting for John Key will alter any damn thing at all of what you dislike about the present government -- if you think that your wishes about what he might do will have any effect at all on what he will actually will do -- then you really haven't been listening, and you sure as hell haven't been thinking.  You're a moron.  You're ballast. You're a useful  idiot for your own damn destruction.

The second moron is Martin Bradbury himself.  "The point is made," says the moron. "Nanny State is a myth."  What a fuckwit. He's a fuckwit several times over, but he's really deeply idiotic if he thinks John Key is an advocate of ending the Nanny State, or has any idea even what it is (FFS, getting the government out of our bedrooms was not more Nanny State, but less).  And he's either blind or braindead if he really thinks Nanny State is a myth.  I know that he's in lust with big government and he's never seen a dictator he didn't like, but how could he possibly ignore all this?

The moron.


  1. Agreed. Classic Straw Man Fallacy from Bomber.

  2. John Key is just dishonest, but the first moron really is you.

    Libertarianz Closing Pitch: You Are All Dumb

    Great stuff PC - you never disappoint!

  3. Ruth,

    He clearly specified which people he considered dumb. To suggest it was a blanket accusation is simply dishonest. But that has become par for the course from you.

    Dishonest Ruth Lies.

  4. Ruth, it's just as true as what your hero said to that rabble in Christchurch yesterday: that they they were idiots.

    Since it's the only honest thing he's said in his whole flaccid campaign, I'm sure you agree with that sentiment?

    PS: Sean, I think Ruth has just proved my post correct.

  5. Can't you take a joke?!

    Implying those who vote for Key are morons hardly will win you votes, given you are basically looking for the centre/right vote on most issues. The same ground Key has been tilling.

    I expect we will have a clear mandate to govern come Sunday, anyway.

  6. "PS: Sean, I think Ruth has just proved my post correct."

    And continues to do so.


  7. ***Implying those who vote for Key are morons hardly will win you votes***

    From what I've seen, Ruth, that doesn't appear to be much of a concern with the Libertarianz, who seem to be happy with the pathetic number of party votes they get, and to thump pulpits and bitch and complain than to make any actual effort to change things. A real shame, since I agree with most of what libertarianism has to offer.

    Don't take this as me siding with your views though - I can't abide the thought of John Key being in power either. There's something fundamentally screwed when our major "right wing" party panders to the wooly-woofter PC crowd for votes instead of looking after their own supporters.

    I'm so totally fucked up over this election. There is NOT ONE PARTY worthy of my vote. I was hoping Libertarianz would be my party, since personal freedom is of paramount importance to me, but there's just too much bullshit.

  8. Ann,

    Ruth said;

    ***Implying those who vote for Key are morons hardly will win you votes***

    This is a dishonest representation of what PC said. PC didn't say ALL National voters are stupid. He said, those that vote for National expecting more freedom and less government will be dissapointed. And given Key has made this abundently clear it is a tad silly to think otherwise (except he went for a little more shock value).

    I hope that clears things up for you. May your person and property still be intact after the election!

  9. Bullshit, Ann, what bullshit?

    What the hell does that mean, for goodness' sake?


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