Monday, 10 November 2008

Put Smith down, and move him away from the Cabinet!

Let me join in the calls from Liberty Scott and Whale Oil to make sure that Nick Smith is nowhere near anything at all to do with the environment.

This is a man with a tongue so forked you could hug a tree with it.  Who is a zealot for the Emissions Trading Scam.  Someone who calls the Resource Management Act "far-sighted environmental legislation"!  Who put in place the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act -- which governs a significant part of New Zealand's largest city and is like the RMA on acid.  Who has no conception of property rights and their role in environmental protection (of water, for example).  No idea of how to achieve better environmental values without bigger government.  And who assured the zealots at the Environmental Defence Society and the Climate Change and Business Centre recently* that there will be no changes to sections 5,6, and 7 under a National Government -- which is where all the real poison lies.

Instead of a stake through its heart, which is what the RMA needs, this cretin who's never ever had a real job will be enshrining all the bullshit, and making revisions only to the parts of the Act that would restrain the National Socialist's 'Think Big 2.0' public works programme.

One would have to wonder how on earth such an entity as Smith could possibly do what needs to be done to this manifestly destructive law?  How any responsible government would let him influence them on the introduction of an Emissions Trading Scam.

Can we start some sort of urgent petition to keep this Green Party member in drag away from the levers of the environment? 

* You can read the fawning description of the "conversation" from the EDS zealots here and, if you have the stomach for it, you can listen to their discussion here.  Bear in mind that Gary Taylor and his EDS friends get their money by generous grants from you, the taxpayer, and the lawyers and resource consultants being reassured get their money by exploiting the RMA sections that Smith is promising to keep.

Owen McShane points out in a recent newsletter that if there are no changes to sections 5,6, and 7, "then New Zealand will have little chance of building its way out of the recession/depression triggered by the collapse in property prices and the international credit crisis."  Says McShane:

    I was the lead author for an RMA Forum designed to assist National or any new Government in reforming the RMA. We  produced a substantial document which would have provided more security and certainty for the private sector while also providing better protection for the real environmental issues.
Unfortunately, in response to a question from Gary Taylor, Nick Smith said  "Owen McShane had relatively small influence on his thinking " – which generated laughter and applause. (About 20% of the way through the tape.) which means he took little notice of the work of the forum So we feel our work was all in vain.
It is worth listening to the end of the tape to hear the now infamous "free and frank exchange of views" between Nick Smith, Gary Taylor and Bob Harvey, Mayor of Waitakere.


  1. Agreed. Smith no where near the environment please, although, I've had a number of phone calls from my farming clients this morning, pleased on their votes for National. I thought I had advertised very clearly amongst them, that if they went National they would only be voting for the Socialist B team: leaving Smith's hand on the ETS, and throwing the farming sector to the dogs of mysticism, might finally bring it home the true nature of the National beast, and that it hunts with hammer and sickle.

  2. Just over two million votes were cast and the Libertarianz got 1,000. Well done.

  3. AS I said to David Slack the other night, only a thousand people bought the first Velvet Undergound album, but they all went out and started bands -- which changed modern music.

    Libz' job is the musical equivalent.

  4. One would have to wonder how on earth such an entity as Smith could possibly do what needs to be done to this manifestly destructive law?

    One would have to wonder how the hell he got to be a politician in the first place.

  5. "One would have to wonder how the hell he got to be a politician in the first place."

    Well, let's see, Marcus.

    He robs Peter to pay Paul (and himself), blissfully unaware that he's doing anything wrong to either, hellbent as he is upon imposing his beliefs upon the electorate.

    Yep. That's pretty much it.

    Mark: well said.

  6. only a thousand people bought the first Velvet Undergound album

    The Velvet Underground played more than one song, something that can't be said for the Libz.
    Another great point of difference... after you've listened to the Velvet Underground for a while, they don't frustrate you to the point of self-harm. You still want to listen to them.

    Libz' job is the musical equivalent.
    So you want to inspire people to start their own political parties and fracture the voting still further, meaning there's no chance we'll ever move away from these fucking centre-left governments? Eeediot!

    The only way we'll get an authentic liberal presence is through cohesive efforts - but then some uber-objectivist prat will accuse us of bloody collectivism and we'll fuck the whole thing up. We'll achieve much more by fighting the beast TOGETHER, and FROM WITHIN than by hopping around on the outside throwing pebbles at it, then rocks at each other when the pebbles have no effect. At least we'll have confirmed our individualism, eh?.

    I'd suggest trying to work with a party that actually has a presence, but thanks to some of the ridiculous public comments some of the supporters make they see the Libz as losers and crackpots, so they wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole.

    One accurate thing in your comparison though... The Velvet Underground would have had nowhere near the sales of some total joke of a pop band at the time, and the Libz got nowhere near the number of votes as the BILL & BEN PARTY - literally, a joke of a political party.

    A joke kicked your arse - if you can take a pissant extra 100 votes nationwide as Very Heartening Indeed, I'd hate to see your idea of a failure.

    Too much outrage, not enough common sense.

  7. Ann, will you marry me?


    ( I DO love the Libz, just can't VOTE for them...)


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