Thursday, 13 November 2008

Mr Boring

I said a few weeks ago that John Boy's blandness had the effect of making him a blank canvas on which people projected their own hopes, dreams and wishes -- regardless of the evidence to the contrary from the Nats' bland policy mush and from John Boy himself.

The Double Standard has a list of just some of the reasons people voted for the blank canvas, and what they now expect to receive in return:

- more rapid growth
- higher wages
- better healthcare
- better education
- lower interest rates
- lower inflation
- lower crime
- no reductions in Super
- fewer people on benefits
- no more ‘power crises’
- repeal the ETS
- no cuts to Working for Families
- no blow out in government debt
- more infrastructure investment
- reduced poverty
- cleaner waterways
- no abuse of the 90-day no work rights period
- no dysfunction from privatised ACC
- repeal the amendments to s59
- longer prison sentences
- bootcamps stopping youth crime
- lower tax
- ultra-fast broadband to the home in a few years
- lower greenhouse emissions
- fewer core public servants
- improved public services
- higher savings rates, more sign-up to Kiwisaver
- no sale of Kiwibank
- cheap toll roads
- no more congestion
- lower emigration
- no government scandals
- no trouble with support parties
- Herceptin funded
- no individual case failures of health, education, or other government services
- investment in Kiwirail

When do you think these voters will begin to get the feeling they've been cheated?

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  1. Sounds like an unfeasibly long list, but it's all entirely possible with a smaller more efficient government. I don't think he'll get there though.


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