Thursday, 13 November 2008

'Sculptress' - Michael Newberry


Great news for fans of Michael Newberry's work.  Says Newberry:

    Over the years many of you have suggested it would be great to have economical prints of my best-loved works.  Until now the venture was unpractical, but with the tremendous advancements in printing quality, speed, and computerization it's possible to offer a quality image at a good price.
Imagekind offers exceptional printing, customized framing, inexpensive shipping, and 100% money back guarantee. The convenience is incalculable--you get a super deal and I am free to concentrate on making my art. Definitely a win/win situation. 
The first print I am offering is Sculptress (shown above). Click the link or the image to take you Imagekind gallery. There you will be able to see my suggestion for framing and size, but then you can modify that to fit your needs--I think you will find it fun.

If you have any questions about the prints don't hesitate to contact Michael at 646-240-5675, or at

1 comment:

  1. I will confirm that the quality of this print is excellent, and Michael is very helpful with framing and display suggestions. Even for my 110 year old house with walls covered with original art to things from the $2 shop.

    Probably most readers of this blog think art and music are elitist (or think that they SHOULD be, by gum - can't have the working class owning art!) but that is not so.

    I am delighted Michael is making his work affordable.


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