Friday, 7 November 2008

Last thoughts before tomorrow


After a campaign that seems to have lasted all  year, the smoke and fireworks are about to clear now for just one day. And you're now left with one choice that is wholly yours to make: who you want to boss you around for the next three years --  or if you want to to say "No" to being pushed around.

It's your choice. 

Your vote is the one thing you do that politicians actually do listen to. If you do want to send them a message they'll actually listen to, then tomorrow is the only time.

It's up to you what that message is going to be.

At election time, politicians will only understand one thing : that you voted either for them or against them. If for example you hold your nose and vote Team Blue just to get out Team Red, then Team Blue will see that as a vote for them, and an endorsement of their people and their policies.

That you don't see it that way is irrelevant: what you've just delivered is an endorsement.  And what you're going to get in return is three years of something you don't believe in:  Three years of Blue-tinged bossiness--and you will have voted to receive it.

Now that's what I call a wasted vote.

Don't forget what the Blue party did last time they were in power. Don't forget who introduced the RMA and the NCEA. Behind Key, the same pathetic old hacks are still there -- they're just too scared to show them out in public. But those pathetic old hacks are still the ones writing Blue policy, which explains the capitulation to marshmallow middle-grounders.

Don't just vote against Hard Labour by giving your vote instead to the men made of marshmallow. Vote instead for what you do believe in: Your life, your liberty and and your pursuit of property, prosperity and happiness.

And there's only one way you can do that.

There are 21 registered parties at this election. 20 of them think it’s OK to help themselves to your money to and boss you around with it. There's only one that doesn’t. There's only one that says that’s wrong.

Which means at this election there are twenty-one parties but only two fundamental choices: Nanny State in twenty different guises ... or Libertarianz.

It's true. If you need nannying, then vote elsewhere. If you can stand on your own two feet, then vote for yourself: Vote Libertarianz.

Only Libertarianz promises to get government completely out of your pocket, out of your face, and out of your life. How will we do this? I answer that one here, in What's the Point of Political Activism, and here in Brushfires of Liberty

Who should you vote for? Vote for yourself. Only a vote for Libertarianz allows you to do that. "It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

We are that tireless minority. Your vote gives our efforts wings.

At this election, I urge you to free yourself from the politicians. Cast a vote for your life, and for your liberty. Cast it for Libertarianz.

We may not be in parliament this election, but you can be damn sure our ideas will be. Your vote will help that happen--every vote cast for Libz will help it happen. Every vote for Libz is a message to Parliament saying "I own my life!"---it is a message the politicians will hear, and that we will keep on making them hear.

If you do want to start getting your life back from the politicians this election, then Vote Libz. Any other vote is just a vote for more of the same.

And after the election? I invite you to join us in 'Putting the 'P' into Politics', and help keep the brushfires of liberty alight! We at least know that if it's your freedom you want, there are no shortcuts.


  1. Voting Libertarianz is like remaining a virgin for life because you only want to sleep with supermodels.

    It might be pure but its not a life

  2. Well, 8 votes for Libertarianz in Selwyn, so I have seven friends.

    How well did we do overall?


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