Tuesday, 4 November 2008

"Whatever happened to the white NZ male?"

Libertarian Sus, whom many of you will have heard communicating with Leighton Smith on Newstalk ZB, is now in print as a regular columnist in Franklin's "E-Local" magazine. 

Her first piece: Whatever happened to the white NZ male?  Another victim in the box.

If you like it, then vote for her on Saturday.  :-)


  1. She talks trash just like Leighton Smith. Political correctness most often means common decency, and considering others.

    White males dominate NZ. Look at the statistics regarding NZ Boardrooms. They still earn the best wages and salaries.

    This thread is mischievous in intent.

  2. And with National about to take over, it will be nanny state according to your definition as sure as eggs.

    My God, they want NATIONAL TESTING, centrally dictated for every child in NZ. Although I suppose their mates in private education will get off .. and with some more government money.

    The sentiments of Susan are meaningless. She relies on taxpayers every time she drives down the road.

    We are not just solitary individuals building our own little world. People form interdependent communities.

    Greed is no answer to anything. Instituted greed is rarely tried never works.

  3. So Susan stands up, makes a point, and makes an argument to back up that point.

    Whereas you sir/madam/thing lack both an argument or the courage to put a name to your insults.

    You are a coward.

  4. "She relies on taxpayers every time she drives down the road." -Anonymous Coward.

    What matters is her view - which is the moral position that government shouldn't take our money to fund roads - not that she's forced to use government roads because the government's subsidisation of roads and regulation of construction crowd out private invesment.

    Do you really expect every advocate of liberty to forego driving on the roads because they believe the roads should be privatised?

    The government has banned private universities and said professionals (in law, medicine, engineering, architecture, accountancy) and others in non-professions such as teaching must first qualify at state-owned universities. Should those of us who think the universities should be privatised not attend them and consequently give up professional careers?

    It's a fine quality of life you would have those who disagree with you live.

  5. This talk about roads reminds me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBHicyqMML4

  6. The government has banned private universities...

    Wrong! The government hasn't banned private universities at all. It has banned its own or funded institutions from trying to call themselves Universities.

  7. "Political correctness most often means common decency, and considering others."

    And when it's not "most often"? Did your mother not bring you up to be polite, decent and consider others, Faceless? Mine did. No need for state directive. And if something's 'correct', by the way, there's no need to politicise it ...

    "Mischievous in intent"? Not at all. You confuse me with the Self-Anointed.


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