Monday, 6 October 2008

Palin-Biden: The loser was us.

So who else  saw the Vice-Presidential debate on Friday?  Some of you must have -- it rated more highly than last week's Presidential debate.

So if you saw it, what did you make of it?

For me it looked like the vacuous in pursuit of the venal -- and on every important issue in a very important election they were in agreement, and they were usually wrong :  "corruption and greed on Wall Street" -- "more regulation" -- "We have got to clean up this planet" - "regulation," "regulation," "regulation."

My "Palin Bingo" and "Biden Bullshit" counters were both working overtime, but I think if I hear the word "Maverick" again I'm gonna scream.  And just for your information, "maverick" in my dictionary is defined thus:

maverick, n. (N.Am) an unbranded beast; anything got hold of dishonestly; an irresponsible or independent person. v.t. to brand (a stray beast); hence, to seize or appropriate illegally.

I make absolutely no comment on the relevance or otherwise of that description to any of the candidates for the White House.

By the way, if you missed it and you have ninety minutes to spare, head to You Tube and type in "Palin" "Biden" "debate."  You can find excerpts and even the full debate to spare.


  1. Nope.

    the winner was Palin: the loser Obama/Biden

    do you want to wave the white flag of surrender?

    says it all really

  2. Anonymous

    You repeat yourself over and over again with this bilge:
    "do you want to wave the white flag of surrender?"

    By abandoning your faculty of reason to a self-delusional blind faith in Palin you already are waving the white flag. You've surrendered your mind.

    Says it all really.



  3. Is that an echo LGM?

  4. Same old Christian bashing from the same old bigoted "libertarians". Pffft.. what crap. Liberal about everything but Christianity.

    BTW, Palin was following the idiot McCain line. I'd say she probably feels differently about it herself.

    To say there's no difference between Palin, a small business woman once considered as a running partner for Ron Paul, and Joe Biden, a life long member of the Senate with absolutely no real world experience, is just typical of the worthless bullshit the NZ Libs are known for.

    Still, I guess the main thing for the Libs is not that anything might change for the better, no matter how slightly, but that you continue to feel smug and superior while achieving SFA yourselves.

  5. We're talking about the debate, Red, what are you talking about? You know, what they actually talked about for ninety minutes.

    Do you read?

    What did she actually say that was so gosh-darned different to the time-serving grease merchant, apart from not lying so much?

    On what positions did she actually differ substantially to the slimeball?

    On regulation? On global warming? On how to "fix" Wall St?


    And while I'm more than happy to Christian-bash, I'm blessed if I see where I've done it above.

    So who knows what you're talking about.

    BTW, on achieving SFA, perhaps you can send me a small postcard listing your main achievements in political activism. Should make riveting, not to say compelling, reading.

  6. I tried to say it in my first post. Palin has to say what the McCain camp is saying. I think she personally feels quite differently on the issues you mention- global warming, Wall street.

    Christian bashing- I'm convinced most of the opposition to Palin is based around the fact that she is a Christian. Its mostly unspoken, but you can feel the bigotry. Very unfortunate. The forces that oppose the left have been split along Christian/ secular lines for too long, and this split is what has allowed the left to become so powerful. If progress is to be made in fighting the left, the anti Christian bigotry has to cease and the split must be healed.

    Strategy- First things first- Obama has to be stopped. McCain turns my guts, (especially with his plan to consult with Gore on global warming) but after stopping OBama, the Republican party has to be reformed from the inside. There is no other workable solution. At least none that can bring change as rapidly. People are working hard to do this.

    Same in NZ. Klark must be stopped. Key is useless, but once again, the solution is a reform of the National Party from the inside. (You should join it)If you have a better strategy, I'd like to hear it. I don't reckon you have.

    As for doing enough, you must have recognised the need to do more, or you wouldn't have contemplated standing in Coromandel. You should have. What happened? Reality to hard??

  7. Redbait

    PC has asked you a direct question and, as is usual, you evaded answering it. Tell us, what are your grand political achievements? Have you ever actually done anything? Or are you all bullshit, piss and bad manners?


    According to your thinking, Palin can't stand up for herself and speak her own mind truthfully (which is what you are alleging is the case). If that is so, then she's not much of a woman. Ask yourself, can a deceiver ever be trusted?

    She should be telling people the truth, that's the best policy. Fibbing is fit only for fibbers.


    The point isn't that Palin is a clone or copy of Biden. It is that her premise is the same. Both support the notion of controlling other people. Both support coercion of other people, even by physical force. Both have a record of involvement in the destruction of other people's wealth and expropriation of other people's property. Both have a record of involvement with cronyism and rorts (although both fib about that). Both are economically illiterate. Both fib.

    Neither of them consistently recognises or practices the principles of Individual Rights. Neither answers a question straight and true when it counts. Both resort to cheap fibs rather than reveal their fundamental nature or values. Both lust for power and control over others.


    This idea of voting a mob of looters into power so they can be transformed "from the inside" is analogous to the actions of a certain acquaintance. She married seriously flawed men (real scum, both times) in the belief she could change them into someone better. It's a common enough mistake. Women who fall for it believe they can transform an ignorant, unproductive, drunken bum (with serious potential for violence) into a paragon of virtue and value. Of course it doesn't happen. After things degenerate into argument and violence, some realise the truth and get out. Unfortunately some don't. The question always remains, why not seek a better partner with better attributes in the first place?

    An analogous question applies to you. Why waste your life believing that somehow by some miracle the political mobs you support are going to transform into moral persons of virtue? It aint going to occur. You'd be better off seeking a group that promotes superior values, one that does not need to tell furfies to you.


  8. Redbaiter has hitched his wagon so tightly to American neo-conservatism so tightly, he has lost all sense of perspective. The Republicans could nominate a monkey (a real one, I mean) and he’d still support it. McCain is no friend of liberty, and this is compounded by his propensity to jump the shark with “maverick” decisions, such as the selection of the hopelessly unqualified Palin - even less a friend of liberty.

    Redbaiter has to understand that Evangelical Christian Conservatism has passed its used-by date. It’s a dying ideology inside America and a dead ideology outside America. The battle for freedom will be won by a consistent appeal for liberty, not a confused, mystical, crypto-fascistic, neo-conservative ideology with roots in Stalinism.

    Good on you PC for not toeing the McCain-is-John-Galt line of other Objectivists.

  9. Hey come on guys, Red has tried politeness, and he's even admitted McCain turns his guts.

    Let's try and return the effort.

    Red, you ask, "As for doing enough, you must have recognised the need to do more, or you wouldn't have contemplated standing in Coromandel. You should have. What happened? Reality too hard??"

    No, a neck injury made it too difficult to continue with a serious effort, which was all I was interested in.

    It pissed me of having to withdraw after I'd done all the spadework to get a team up and going, especially when an early election was called only weeks after pulling out. :-(


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