Monday, 6 October 2008

An election based on trust

mitchlees Here's the campaign speech delivered last night by Mitch Lees, Libertarianz candidate for Annette King's electorate...

     Hello Rongotai!
    Libertarianz are a party of optimists. We are glad that Helen Clark made trust a major issue of this election, as we are the only party that trusts you to manage your own life.
    We know that Helen Clark is not better able to organise your family,
    We know Michael Cullen is not better able to organise your money,
    And we know the Green Party are not better able to organise your lunchbox.
    Libertarianz fundamentally believes in small government and consistently promotes individual rights.
    We strive to ensure that the government does not remain above the law.
    I am standing as the candidate for Rongotai. Last year I organised the Wellington march against the anti-smacking bill. I did this – not because I had the desire to hit children - but because I saw it as a further intrusion of the government into the lives of all New Zealanders.
    While this ludicrous bill was being debated, New Zealand was experiencing record murder rates.  The Minister of Police and member for Rongotai dismissed this atrocity as being caused by phases of the moon.
    Helen Clark blamed the recent murder of Navtej Singh on Navtej Singh himself, because (she said) he owned an alcohol store – or as she put it, a "dirty little grog shop."
    She did not blame the perpetrator. She did not blame the years of welfare dependency that have destroyed South Auckland.
    No place in the country gets more government money and interventions poured into it than South Auckland – yet no place in New Zealand has worse social statistics.
    The only answer you will get from National, Labour or any other government party is more money, more programs, more social workers. And then they shut their eyes to the inevitable crime blow-out and blame it ….. on the weather.  Or the moon.
    Libertarianz will entrench the right to self-defence, get rid of welfare dependency and have real sentences for violent criminals that gets them off the streets.
    Libertarianz will ensure that the police do not prosecute people for defending themselves, as happened as recently as last week.
    And to free up police and prison resources for real crimes, Libertarianz WILL NOT pursue or prosecute victimless crimes.

    After the last election it was discovered that the Labour Party had unlawfully used taxpayer money to fund its election campaign. 
    Libertarianz was the only party to challenge this rort.  We took it to the High Court.
    As our case seemed likely to succeed, the Labour Party's response was to pass retrospective legislation making the unlawful lawful.
    This gross abuse of public trust must never be allowed to happen again. Libertarianz will ensure that the government must obey the same laws as its citizens.
    Libertarianz are the only party that refuses to take taxpayer money for our election campaign. We also refuse to bribe you with your own money.
    This afternoon, from the other politicians here, you are going to hear a lot of the word "Free."  They sure don't mean "freedom."  What "free" means in their mouths is … "Bribe!"  Someone else has to pick up the bill for their promises, and that someone else is you –- the taxpayer.
    Libertarianz key policies in this election and every election are to minimise government interference in your life. We have a fully costed budget which will mean your first $50,000 of income would be tax free, and all other taxes, including Government Slavery Tax, or GST, will be abolished.
    Having your put your own money back in your pocket, you can then choose the best form and style of healthcare, education and superannuation -– customised to your needs.
    You would not put up with 6 month waiting lists from your supermarket, why should you put it up with it from your hospitals?  You would not patronise a system where you are restricted to the supermarket for which you are "zoned," which provides food both over-priced and inedible.
    So why do you accept what the government presently doles out?
    In countries where the government organises the food supplies – people starve.
    In New Zealand where the government organises education and healthcare – we have 20% functional illiteracy, and over 1000 people die each year from medical misadventure.  
    No private organisation would get away with these atrocious results, yet when it is government you just accept it. It does not matter if it is a blue, red, or green government – there is no desire for real improvement.
    The points to ponder that were handed out as you entered were written 6 years ago – and nothing since has changed.
    And still nothing will change as long as parties stand up here wanting to control and spend your money, and you keep on electing them.
    The parties you see up here should be ashamed of their consistent failure. 
    The current government has squandered eight years of economic golden weather. It continues to promote fear and ignorance as a means to maintain power. 
    Libertarianz will let you run your own life and get nanny state off your back. Although I am asking for your vote as the candidate for Rongotai and the party vote for Libertarianz, ultimately a vote for Libertarianz is a vote for yourself.

If you'd like to get stuck in helping Mitch in Rongotai, or your local Libz candidate in an electorate near you, then check out their contact details at Libz' candidate pages and get on to them ASAP.



    A grassroots response to the deficiencies that are so glaringly obvious in our existing mainstream media structure.

    "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." --Thomas Jefferson

  2. Good man, Mitch. Straight shooting - I like it!

  3. Its almost enough to make you vote Libertarianz

  4. Daniel, it's "almost" enough to make you vote Libertarianz? :)

    Great speech, Mitch!

  5. ah, I was trying to quote the libz slogan, I should have left the "almost" out I guess

  6. Its almost enough to make you vote Libertarianz

    Naa. I think I'll just eat the fucking ballot paper.

    More nutritious and exactly the same effect

    a vote for the Libz is a vote to keep Helen.

    the only vote under MMP that can change the government is a vote for National / ACT

    (unless you're in epsom when it's ACT / National)

    anything else displays such a primitive understanding of basic numeracy that you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

    have you little libz pity-party if you like: but vote National / ACT unless you really secretly want to keep helen.

  7. Anon, you vote whoever you like but National ~= Labour

  8. I wouldn't even contemplate giving my vote to a party prepared to stand a candidate as batshit crazy as Elijah, God only knows what other wacky parallel universes the rest of the candidates inhabit.

  9. Somehow I doubt you would ever vote Libz, CC you are no loss.

  10. "Wacky parallel universes", eh? There's a new one!

    Nope. Just this 'universe', CC. Socialist, politically correct & over-regulated.

    If you like it that way, keep on voting for whomever. They'll all do the trick to some degree.

    If not, who are you going to vote for?

    And with which bits of that speech do you disagree?

  11. "Numericaly" I strongly doubt voting for anyone makes a difference. In the unlikely case that your vote will break some tie which enables a National/ACT coalition, you could say every voter held the balance of the election in their hand.

    The purpose of a vote is to indicate your preference. So called "strategic voting" (and may I add that that is an incorrect useage of the word strategic) is quite pointless.


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