Thursday, 30 October 2008

No spending? More spending. [updated]

Helen Clark said a week ago there's no more spending to be promised in this campaign.

Yesterday however she promised to spend $150 million of your money on some train tunnels on the Kapiti coast so Wellingtonians can get their imports into the city by rail, and Otaki voters can get into Wellington by rail 3 to 5 minutes faster.

Liberty Scott has the details: Vote Labour for your taxes to subsidise importers.

UPDATE: And more spending just promised from "no new spending" Helen on more middle class welfare:  "Labour says it will give workers who are made redundant during the recession a job search allowance for up to 13 weeks... Labour estimates the policy will cost no more than $50 million a year."

Is anyone keeping score of all these "not spending" promises?


  1. No, more spending.

  2. Yes, I think she must have mislaid a comma.


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