Friday, 3 October 2008

N O T P C ' s W E E K - (Sep 26 to Oct 3, '08)

A week of crime, violent crime and assorted financial crimes -- most of them emanating from the US Congress. And another big week here at NOT PC in both readership -- for which I humbly thank you all for coming (would have been awfully lonely if no-one showed up) -- and analysis -- which I humbly think was pretty damn good this week. Here's what you, the readers, seemed to like most:

  1. Murder? It's not OK.
    It's murder out there on the streets of Auckland, but some commentators insist it's nothing to worry about ...
  2. Time to make a stand!
    So what will it take for politicians to focus on the focus on the one thing they're legitimately supposed to be doing, which is protecting New Zealanders from violence? The question is more than just rhetorical.
  3. Good news: The 'bailout' has crashed
    And thank fuck for that! Quite aside from the absolute irresponsibility of printing $700 billion of bailout cash to further inflate the money supply -- more of the same rocket fuel that caused the problem in the first place -- the plan to keep prices high is precisely the opposite of what's needed in a depression.
  4. Borrowed time - the anatomy of recession
    Somebody has blundered, and we'll all be paying for it again, but who and how and why?
  5. Don't Vote Green
    Allow me to direct you to a valuable new election website...
  6. "For the naive mind there is something miraculous in the issuance of fiat money..."
    As if he too were writing yesterday, economist Ludwig von Mises has advice for those contemplating the imminent nationalisation of Wall St's debts via one trillion dollars of printed money.
  7. More bailout crack
    Just when you thought that the bailout crack might have been put back in the box, we hear that the bastards are setting up to deliver another fix. A trillion-dollars straight into the veins.

All this, plus being damnably insulted as a "centre-right" blogger. Outrageus!

So enjoy, and don't forget to check out the Objectivist Blog Roundup at Crucible & Column, which this week is a special Financial Crisis Edition.

Enjoy, Peter Cresswell

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