Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Minor leaders farce

I have to confess I didn't manage to watch the whole of the "minor party leaders debate" last night.  I was bored rigid.

There were too many of them for a start to actually have a debate, so in the absence of a serious interviewer we got instead just lame pantomime, with Sainsbury playing Widow Twankey. 

More sense might have been had if Neanderton and Dunne-Nothing had been dropped: since their parties, such as they are, attract less support than Libertarianz, they were there not so much to say what their parties could or would do, but only to indicate what they would like to do if they got their own feet under the cabinet table again -- once we'd heard them confirm which Team they were backing (Red for Neanderton, Blue for Dunne-Bugger-All), they should have been ushered from the stage.

And there was nothing new from from the others -- nothing coherent from Peters, and nothing that made sense from Fitzsimplesimons (anyone who thinks building bicycle paths and railway tunnels is the key to economic recovery should be introduced to the carers at Auckland's Mason Clinic) -- and what they did say indicated all too clearly they have no clue at all about either the urgency of the present crisis, or its depth, or what the hell a government needs to do to confront it.

It was a pantomime that makes clear enough why MMP has delivered only farce.


  1. They all seemed desperate to make themselves seem good coalition partners for whoever and thus justify their continued existence. Pathetic.

  2. "Rodney Hide done good!!"

    You must of been watching reruns of Dancing with the Stars! I cringed every time Hide opened his mouth during the debate.

  3. Jeanette Fitzimons gave a "SCARY" performance.

  4. "You must of been watching reruns of Dancing with the Stars!"

    An impression reinforced by the set, which gave all the appearances of being a 'Dancing with the Stars' knock-off.

  5. Anyone else notice Jeanette Fitzsimon's response when asked about whether they would honour the result of a referendum on MMP? "Of course, we would have to".

    I assume she will be consistent and also uphold the result of the smacking referendum next year...


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