Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Everyone has a voice

img_1041 "Yay," say students, "the government is throwing us money!" " Awesome."  "Cool."  (Insert further random sub-literate exclamations of joy here.)

"Good stuff," say university chancellors, "but you need to throw more our way to keep the right balance."

"Great stuff," says university staff, ""but you need to throw more our way to keep academics in New Zealand."

"Fantastic move," say media commentators, congenitally unable to distinguish an election bribe from a ten-year fiscal deficit.

And the taxpayers?  Who gets to talk for them?

Who indeed.  They just keep on getting the bill.

UPDATE 1:  Ah, turns out there is someone talking for taxpayers: See press release here:  Universal Student Bribery.

UPDATE 2: And here's someone else: Labour rescues rich students from the horrors of reality.


  1. Libz press release here, here, here and here.

    Right, that's enough link-whoring for one day. :-)

  2. "cough" and


  3. I can see that Mark Hubbard (Libz Candidate) is a regular commentator at Chris Trotter's blog, so I recommend those smart ass Libertarians to get out there and spread the Libz' philosophies. Follow what Mark is doing. Don't hang around at Not PC and preach to the already converts. Recruit some new untamed leftist voters to become Libertarianz by debating in other blogs.

  4. Worth pointing out that the "student allowance for rich students" will ofcourse cause a raise in tuition fees; by the laws of supply and demand. Another thing students are whining about.

  5. Hi Falafulu,

    I have been over at Poneke's blog talking about our election signs today, but I'm probably not in the right frame of mind for it - anti-smacking lefties really push my buttons!

  6. Luke H said...
    I have been over at Poneke's blog talking about our election signs today,...

    Good on you Luke. I saw some of your comments at Poneke.

    My comment was to encourage those Libz who seemed to be very good at debating issues here at Not PC (ie, sound convincing), but you don't see them take the debate out into other blogs, especially it is an election year. I don't know why, but perhaps they feel uncomfortable that PC might not be there in those places to support them if they get attack by opponents.

    Sus & LibertyScott are regular commentators out there in other blogs, but the Libz candidate list/party members should all be out there in the blogosphere to promote Libz policies.

    The readers here at Not PC are the converts and there is not much point in trying to convince them more. That effort should be directed elsewhere and try to convince the undecided voters who don't visit Not PC and there are lots of those in the blogosphere.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. well what I WAS going to say was that there is a student talking on behalf of the taxpayers.

    right here

  9. Dave, that link isn't working for me this morning.

    Would you mind trying again, plse?


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