Friday, 24 October 2008

Beer O'Clock: Hallertau brewpub

Picture by NZ Life & Leisure Magazine

Beer O'Clock is all about trust. You trust the two 'regular' contributors, Stu and Neil, to tell you the real deal on good beer.  And I trust the two of them to send me regular posts that give the the real deal on good beer.

But ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid we've been let down.

For the second week running, our two contributors, Stu and Neil, have failed to front.  And after due consideration, I'd like to point out that between them they support both of the two major parties, and that their failure to front can only be seen as a reflection on the integrity of those parties.

1511324055_e7ff93c127It's all about trust, you see -- and I trust you'll give the issue due weight in the voting booth on November 8.

  Now, in the absence of the tardy twosome, here's a link to the perfect spot to think about on a long weekend: a story about the Hallertau brewpub in Riverhead [hat tip Real Beer], a 20 minute drive west of the Auckland CBD -- a place I can personally recommend, and with some decent roads round about for sports car driving, the ideal place to head for on a fine Labour weekend.

A place you can trust as the ideal destination for the perfect beer.  Check out their website and plan your menu now. 

I am.

UPDATE:  Fear not my friends (don't you hate it when McCain says that), our two fearless beer hounds are hard at work on greqat things. As Greig reports in the comments, "Stu is busy making fantastic beer (which I've just finished imbibing), and Neil is also fairly thinly spread. I'm sure they'll be back."

In fact, I know they will be.  :-)


  1. Stu is busy making fantastic beer (which I've just finished imbibing, and Neil is also fairly thinly spread. I'm sure they'll be back.

    But yes. Hallertau is awesome. Steve for PM!

  2. It's not like I just wandered off into the wilderness (though I do feel like I've just got back from the there), my mum sent a note of my absence in advance...


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