Friday, 5 September 2008

Top posts, top week!

For those who disgracefully failed to keep up here at NOT PC this week, here's what visitors seemed to like:

  • Sarah Who?
    "Sarah who?" That's the question most of us were asking at the start of the week, and we've been running to keep up ever since. Some were saying this will be "the grand slam in the bottom of the 9th" -- the moment when John McCain wins the Presidency." [Other Palin posts here, here and here.]
  • Beer O’Clock: The Shakespeare
    New Zealand’s first modern brewpub has a long and illustrious history, and Herald journalists three-deep at the bar -- but what about the beer?
  • What's the evidence for strangling prosperity?
    The Government is rushing to impose an Emissions Trading Scheme, and the Blue Team has their own to impose if that doesn't work out, but where the hell is the evidence that there's any need for either? And why does the organisation supposed to be providing the "unequivocal" evidence of warming wash their hands of responsibility for it?
  • Trotsky beset by blog "fascists"
    There is "a 'fascist' quality to the blogosphere," says Chris Trotter -- electrons full of "misogyny, anti-intellectualism, and aggression" and, "even more worryingly," what he would call “ideological exterminism.” Strong words from a man who not so long ago came out strongly in favour of corruption.
  • Let the bullshit begin
    The National Party's billboard campaign, now started, is singularly weak -- and not just because the campaign's so-called "brain," Glenn Jameson (right, avec moi), is a duplicitous respectability-worshipper as slippery as a snail crawling under a snake -- but because it shoots its own self right in the foot.
  • Bill Bored
    Here's one we laughed at more.
  • Architectural Mini-Tutorial: 'Capturing a View Alive'
    And finally, something much more edifying: the first of a series of "mini-tutorials" on the basic elements of architecture. Do you know how to capture a view alive? It's easy when you know how.

Have a great weekend. I'm off the Macs' Brewhouse for one.

UPDATE: As always, plenty of good reading too in this week's Objectivist roundup. Don't miss out, now.


  1. Wow, that's interesting. So why did you let a "duplicitous respectability-worshipper" in your car?

  2. He slithered in there under a false flag.

  3. I presume since you think Key is 'scum' you would not enter into a contract with him to design - say - a beach house?

    Key is a self-made man -from zero to multi millionaire - the type Rand admired.

    Jameson may have blls to pay and a family to support - your readers don't know his situation and neither do I. He is looking after number 1 and may not have the luxury of doing otherwise, like you childless and single men.

    You can afford to take the moral high ground.

  4. Ruth,

    John Key advocates continued taxation - and therefore he promotes theft.

    John Key does not seek to repeal the RMA and therefore promotes the continued destruction of private property rights.

    John Key promotes the concept of an Emissions Trading Scheme and therefore advocates a policy designed to crush the wealth producers in NZ.

    I don't think Ayn Rand would admire that. Neither would she admire Mr Jameson who is actively supporting and sanctioning the actions of one's enemies. That is never in one's self interest, and even less so if you have children and you care about the world they live in.



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