Friday, 5 September 2008

Beer O'Clock: Tuatara crowned best NZ brewery

tuatara_20145_20pixel New Zealand's new champion brewery is now, officially, Wellington's Tuatara Brewery. 

Reports NZPA, Tuatara Brewing was crowned the best brewery in New Zealand at the latest BrewNZ awards, the first time a "champion brewery" had been selected.  Its victory came from it beers being judged "highest overall across all entries."

     Tuatara won from among 46 breweries from New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Malaysia and Singapore, which entered more than 200 beers.
    The international panel of judges deliberated for three days to select the overall winner, as well as awarding Best in Class winners in the following categories:

  • Classic NZ Styled Beers: Biman, Invercargill Brewery, Invercargill.
  • Amber and Dark lagers: Hereford Bitter, Dux Brew Co, Christchurch.
  • International Golden Lager: James Squire Pilsener, Malt Shovel Brewery, Australia.
  • French & Belgian style ales: Tuatara Ardennes, Tuatara Brewing, Wellington.
  • New world/American style ales: Epic Pale Ale, Epic Brewing Company, Auckland. UK and other European style ales: Tuatara IPA, Tuatara Brewing, Wellington.
  • Stouts and Porters: Clydesdale Stout, Harringtons Brewery, Christchurch.
  • Strong ales and lagers: Monteith's Winter Ale Doppelbock, DB Mainland Brewery, Auckland.
  • Wheat and other grain beers: Emerson's Weizenbock, The Emerson Brewing Company, Dunedin.
  • Fruit, spiced, herb flavoured beers: Boysenbeery, Invercargill Brewery, Invercargill.
  • Packaging award: Monteith's New Zealand Lager, Monteith's Brewing Company.
  • Experimental and non or low alcoholic beers: Enrico's Cure, Green Man Brewery, Dunedin.

Congratulations to Tuatara -- and naturally, beer was the winner on the night.   And plenty of good beer there to choose from for your weekend drinking.


  1. That competition would have been a good way/place to spend the last week.

  2. Well, the Beervana show was bloody excellent on Friday night. There was a huge variety, so thought I'd try out the lesser-known breweries. Peak was an under-rated marvel, especially their oak-aged IPA. Yeastie Boys' Pot Kettle Black was as good as I had hoped, and I was able to try Twisted Hop and Mussel Inn for the first time.

    Here's hoping FLAWHB will be represented at Beervana some day. More beer, less government!

    Also, congratulations to Carl from Tuatara on a fantastic result. I have fond memories of the SOBA "tour" of Tuatara Brewery.

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