Monday, 22 September 2008

Red and Blue Teams are both driving people away

Record number of Kiwis head to Aust ... the highest in nineteen years.

Statistics New Zealand said there was a net outflow of 33,300 people to Australia in the year to August. That's the highest figure since the February 1989 year. Some 2900 people packed their bags in August itself, up from 1900 a year ago.

And the Blue Team are still using the departure of some of NZ's best people to damn the present government ... oblivious even now that emigration is a long-term decision, and since National has looked for months like the likely winner come the election, the record number of departures is as  much an indictment of them and of the low expectations of a Key-led administration as it is of the present Clark regime.

Good people are leaving in their droves, and they see nothing from either side of the aisle to keep them here.

That's a real tragedy.


  1. the highest in nineteen years

    so it's the "red team" not the fucking blue team then isn't it.

    wait until the blue team is in government, has opened the books, and has actually started to enact its polices before you complain!

  2. Anon,

    Whether it is red socialists or blue socialists on the Treasury benches the results are the same- bad news. What more can be expected? They are socialists after all.

    Your heroes, the national socialists, have been in power more often than not. They have had their chances over decades. The results speak for themselves.

    There are plenty of people who are voting with their feet. Even though there is a reasonable expectation that the national socialists will win the election, more people are leaving then ever before. These people are productive. They are not fools. They would be well aware that the national-labour coalition that has governed NZ for decades is not going to alter anything much. they do not believe or trust that national socialists are fundamentally better than labour socialists. Hence they are departing. For this your heroes are indeed responsible. You are naieve to believe otherwise.


  3. The anonymous commenter above has either missed the point or is trying to obscure it, but in any case lacks even the balls to put a name to their National party support.

    In any case, the point is obvious enough.

    People have been leaving over the past year, a record year for departures, based on their expectations for the future of both here and wherever they're going.

    It would be impossible not to have noticed that around fifty polls over the last year showed National over fifty percent in the polls, (as National Party blogs themselves were pointing out yesterday).

    So included in the decision of emigrants is the expectation of what a future National Government would do to help the future of New Zealand, and their departure gives you the message loud and clear: nothing.

  4. PC


    And your anonymous contributor is likely to be the same little turd who raved on about "corruption" in regards to NZ First and Labour. Note that he has become rather silent about that lately. Funny, especially when certain stock transactions and related mis-speaks (isn't that the term these days?) by a National luminary were scruinised and discussed yesterday evening.

    How silently the strumpet trumpets now.....


  5. I agree that both Labour and National don’t have the solutions to solve the mass exodus. The “Brain Drain” continues apace.

    One could put a small detent in the argument about people leaving because of future expectations of a rubbish National government. An analogy would be that Labour has burnt down your house and now National has come to power. You know National is going to build your house but it will take them twenty years because they are lame and Labour-lite. Rather that live in ashes for twenty years with only the expectation that “things can only get better” to keep you warm, you migrate to one of numerous countries where living standards(and the house) are significantly better.

    Note I’ve already buggered off overseas (who wants to sleep in ashes?). I’ll be voting ACT this election in the vain hope that if it gets enough MP’s in parliament it can form a government with National and the country can finally head in the right direction. The house might get rebuilt after fives year.

    The point I’m making is that the damage has been done. You can’t click your finger and reverse nine years of economic damage in an instant. It will take a lot of hard work to reverse the damage and progress forward. A simple calculation of the numbers says that you’re better off financially and by every other measure by applying that effort overseas in a considerable more successful economy.

    Maybe I’m just saying “all the King’s horse and all the King’s men couldn’t put New Zealand back together again”.

  6. Oecd rank 22 Kiwi

    You wrote:
    An analogy would be that Labour has burnt down your house and now National has come to power.

    A better analogy would be that National soaked your house with accelerants, took away the fire extinguishers, cut off the water mains, disconnected the 111 phone service and left a set of matches in the mailbox for Labour to use. Labour started the fire all-right, but National is very much a part of the cause.

    You wrote:
    You can’t click your finger and reverse nine years of economic damage in an instant.

    No. Not when the National/Labour coalition has set the political and economic direction of NZ for over fifty years. It is a mighty self-deception to expect fundamental alteration from them.



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