Thursday, 4 September 2008

NZ through to Grand Final at MCG!

NZAFL-SemiI'm sure all readers will be overjoyed, just as I was, to hear that New Zealand walloped Ireland in last night's semifinal in the AFL International Cup by 57 to 15, and will be playing Papua New Guinea in the final at the MCG on Saturday, 5pm local time.  (PNG beat South Africa 62-15 to make the final.)  Results here, brief story here.

Says PNG coach Andrew Cadzow, it will be a closely contested match.

    We play more of a running game, they're a very structured side, so certainly they're going to be very, very hard to beat because their ... strengths are our weaknesses and probably the opposite are ours.
So it'll probably be a game of two different sort of styles of play more than anything else, so I think it'll be who's on the day ... hot and ... who gets it right. It'll be an interesting ... game.

It will be.  Having played against PNG back in 1997, when we were well beaten, I have to say they're damn quick!  Should be a great contest to watch. 

Just get there late so you can avoid another bloody haka.

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