Friday, 26 September 2008

Caption Contest

What is PC up to, and why?


  1. All right Libertarianz ... it's time to enter the annals of political history!

  2. Not in MY back yard

  3. Helen must be down here somewhere! Quick put the plug in.

  4. John Key cleaning house!

    I wish!

    Vote for Act in the party vote and National for the seat.

    The left do it so should the right - screw the overhang in our favour.

  5. Testing my newly installed in-sink erator.

  6. Looking very dodgy. You're not starting up a P(C) lab are you?

    Mrs Danvers

  7. Here are some bottles I sterilised earlier, and the sink is full of weak dishwater. Now we can start brewing Tui! :-)

  8. One word - just one word, and (before I remove the glove) YOU will be next!

  9. Years of vegetarianism forced Peter to perform his own prostate checks, seen here wearing flash goggls in case his "methae factory" catches fire.

  10. When John told his caucus to shove their free market ideas up their ass, only PC was brave enough to bring it back.


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