Monday, 18 August 2008

Southern Man sues to stop the emissions scam

Basil Walker is almost a New Zealand hero.

This Southern Man from Queenstown is suing the Government to prevent their anti-industrial emissions trading scam from "being made law before the general election this year. The Government is trying to force expensive legislation on the country and someone has to stand up and say there is no evidence to support it," he says.

His beef with the Clark Government, reports the Southland Times, "is the apparent lack of scientific evidence supporting the Government’s move to enact the emissions trading scheme... He doesn’t know the answers, he says, but neither has the Government supplied any solid evidence to prove the emissions scheme is needed."

He's right you know, but his net has been drawn too narrowly. It's not just the Labour Party who wants to impoverish us with this sort of scam -- the empty vessels from National want to introduce their own emissions trading scam within nine months of taking office, making them equally culpable.

I trust should the need arise, Mr Walker will exercise the power of principle and join the National Socialists in his admirable action, and that the likes of Keeping Stock, Homepaddock and Whale Oil will be just as vigorous in their applause. Or will the power of party partisanism pip principle at that stage.

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  1. What a man! New Zealand desperately needs more like him.


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