Monday, 18 August 2008

Amazing sporting weekend

748939 Well, wasn't that a great weekend of sporting achievement!

18031 Five Olympic medals -- five of them -- all in one night. New Zealand's most successful day at the Olympics ever. Amazing.

Beating the Springboks -- and despite kicking the ball to them at every opportunity, holding them scoreless for the first time ever.

That would have been enough for any weekend, but on top of that we got to watch two amazing Olympic champions: we saw Michael Phelps confirmed as the most successful Olympic competitor ever, just ahead of Mark Spitz; and we saw the fastest man on the planet, the super-human Usain Bolt, break the world 100m sprint record, and tantalise us with the prospect of how fast he would be if he sprinted for 100m. This must be the most amazing ten seconds of sport ever.

opgl-32408-mid This is why we watch top sport: to see champions like this in action, and to savour great victories like these.

And just to cap it off, for me at least, was the news that teams from my old Australian Football club, the West London Wildcats, won all three British Grand Finals over the weekend, including the flag for the senior team.



  1. And not one but three streakers for that Aussie Rules football PC.

  2. You must have been thrilled with that, Cactus.

    Although I guess naked, itinerant, impoverished Australians probably aren't your thing, eh?

  3. A seriously awesome weekend of sports.

    That 100m final was incredible. Dude stops sprinting at 80 metres, crosses the line sideways, and his left shoe was untied. Oh and sets a world record. He could go under 9.6s if he could be talked into running the whole way.

    Evers-Swindell was great as well. Valerie was great. Getting tripped by the cameraman on her way round to celebrate was a funny moment.

    And then the All Blacks utterly caning the Boks at home. How good is McCaw and Carter? I would say they are the two most outstanding players to wear the black jersey in the 20 years I've been watching rugby. They consistently define every game they play in. What a great night for sports.

  4. It was the Poms weekend though - four golds on Saturday, four on Sunday. Their best since 1908. They're even hoping they might beat the Aussies on the medal table.

    Gutted for Mahe Drysdale though. Is he OK now? There was no news on him here other than seeing him carried to the medical tent.

  5. The streakers looked British, pasty, white and fat.

    I doubt any could fit the shorts so were ring ins I assume.

    And no, not used to seeing so many working class, low incomed expats. Horrific. In HK we already have domestic servants. It was the jerobaums of Lindauer that did it for me though....

  6. I can't help but think how much taxpayer money went into each medal...


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