Monday, 25 August 2008

An outsider candidate?

Crikey, guess who's causing problems for both Obama and McCain ...  little old me.  Who knew that what started out as a joke would get serious!?  See this report on 'Peter Cresswell for President.'

Do you think they realise I don't have a US birth certificate -- which is a necessary condition of the job?


  1. Ummmm...?!?! this a joke? are you the 'Peter Cresswell' being referred to?

    It reminds me of the campaign to elect movie star Christopher Walken as President! ha ha!

  2. You should know I don't joke, Elijah.

    If drafted, I must serve!

  3. Oh that is alright then.

    I have some suggestions for policies during your first 100 days...

    1. Ending corporate welfare...(just let me buy large numbers of 'put' options first)

    2. Drop nuclear bombs on a couple of communist nations.

    3. Oh..and a couple of American friends of mine...ummmmm...errrmm..require pardons..(*blushes*)


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