Thursday, 21 August 2008

Olympic-quality candour

Mark Hubbard enjoyed last night's interview with canoeist Ben Fuohy, whose responses (unlike the braindead questions) were refreshingly free of the usual pabulum:

'What do you think went wrong?'
'Doesn't take a blind man to see that. [Looking back down the course]. The winning boat was there, my boat was way back there, damn hard to win a race with a boat in front of you like that.'

'And do you think you'll take something from this race 'going forward.''
    [Fouhy looking at interviewer as if he just arrived from Planet Prime Time.] 'Probably not. No.'

Very forthright.  Meanwhile, and from two opposing world-views, Nick Provenzo in posts here and here , and new Tumeke correspondent Phoebe Fletcher both remind us that we should taihoa somewhat in our enjoyment of the Olympic spectacle, lest we forget that China has still to completely shake off its authoritarian past.

UPDATE:  Rather than applauding the literally extraordinary Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt  for their outstanding victories, as Mindy reports there are some hateful harridans -- hateful of the good for being the extraordinarily good -- who damn their achievement as a means by which to damn achievement per se.

Its very much worth understanding the phenomenon, since this is the mentality of socialism: far better, to this mentality, to ensure the failure of many than  to stand back in admiring wonder at the success of a few.

Leave them to their misery.  As Jamaican-born John Newnham says, "Isn't it just an effing joyous thing to watch someone *achieve*?!!"


  1. Oh dear...even television interviewers are using the wank term "going forward".

    It is one catchphrase which guarantees being 'eliminated' from any further association with my good say "going forward" and you are 'outski'

  2. "Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser." - Vince Lombardi.

  3. Show me an opinionated person who didn't even enter the event and I'll show you a stupid fat wanker. - Clunking Fist.

    Sorry! Couldn't resist. Like you, I am boycotting the Olympics. Maybe not the sponsors products. But I can't be arsed watching egotistical wankers who strive for perfection whilst their spouse is left to raise the children and run the household and probably put food on the table. And then they fly to China on taxpayer dollars to attend an event paid for largely by taxpayer dollars (well, yuan anyways). Sorry, I donated to black magic and would quite happily donate to NZ Oly Committee. Just don't take it out of my taxes. MY OE wasn't taxpayer funded. I guess I am a stupid fat wanker after all...


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