Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lip-synching? So what.

So the little girl who sang at the Olympic opening was lip-synching, and some of the fireworks we say on screen were computer generated. Story here.

So what? Why the indignation? These actions "do do real damage," says David Farrar and a whole host of commentators. What utter garbage. We're talking about lip-synching and CGI fireworks here, not about buying elections or other rank corruption.

Looks to me like just another excuse to go China-bashing, for which Sp!ked has the antidote.


  1. If you think Farrar's comments are bad wait til you see what feminists are saying. Lots of hilarity and mileage to come on this one my dear.

  2. Like I said in my post, what most have ignored is that the debate about this is going on in China. These events were made public by the people responsible for carrying out the orders, these people have not been arrested or imprisoned.

    China isn't the totalitarian nightmare it once was. It isn't free, but the fact of the debate on this issue, which a few years ago would have been seen as a national embarrassment.

  3. I would say that two children have been damaged.

  4. I doubt the children have been 'damaged'.

    As Westerners let's be honest- how many "unattractive" girls get to have their own TV show or time to shine?

    And who gave us monstrosities like JonBenet Ramsay?

    Who leads the world in cosmetic surgery?

    I'll give you a clue - it ain't China.

    Let's not be so hypocritical.

  5. "What you mean 'we,' white man?"


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