Thursday, 14 August 2008

I am Winston, hear me blog

Winston Peters has started a blog site "so he can speak directly to New Zealand voters."

I wonder if he'll enjoy the feedback he gets?

I suspect that the New Zealand voters who are likely to vote Winston First are most likely mostly offline, while those who loathe Winston and the few things he stands for will be eager to let him know what they think, and why. Go to it.


  1. hmmm.."your comment is waiting moderation"...
    So much for that. I can't see the moderator posting pay back the money!

  2. Winston's Blog is an event of seismic insignificance.

    If he will not answer questions from the MSM or in Parliament, why should I bother with trying to get any direct answers from him on his blog? Or is it only for his sycophants?

  3. PC - the blog is a crock. they delete critical comments and the posts appear to all be from winston but when you subscribe on bloglines it gives the author names and these are not winston. see tony and frank

    investigate yourself


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