Friday, 15 August 2008

Best of NOT PC -- your chance to catch up

Missed out on your daily fix of NOT PC this week? Don't worry, so did your host. But to catch up on what you missed, then based on based on the number of readers, here are the best few posts for the last fortnight:

  1. Nude Olympians
    Who'd have thought so many readers would want to appreciate the beauty of today's Olympians?
  2. Lobotomising young minds
    Have you ever noticed that when formerly intelligent people go to university, they frequently emerge knowing less than they did when they went in? The reason for the phenomenon can be explained in just two words ...
  3. Child abuse needs urgent action
    After a wave of brutality since the start of this year, Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro says "It is time something is done." She's right of course. Something must be done. Urgently. Here's three things.
  4. The "warming glow" of bureaucracy
    I was appalled to hear that bureaucrats are paid on average twenty percent more than non-bureaucrats, and for the most part are described as happier -- happier, they say, because of the "warm glow" they garner from a belief that their work is "useful to society..." But their work doesn't serve the public -- with few exceptions their job descriptions involve coming to work every morning to devise ways of getting the hell in the way of the public. Their work is destructive of everything that is useful.
  5. Change you can *really* believe in -- and help make happen
    If you really want to change the world for the better, to make it safer for reason, individualism and capitalism, then here's a proven plan you can get in behind.
  6. No RMA reform that's worth a damn
    National promises to "reform" the Resource Management Act "within the first 100 days of our first term." Really? Do they want to put protection of New Zealander's property rights at the heart of the Act? Or take power over your property away from planners and council bureaucrats? Or make it easier for you and I to get things done? Of course not.
    All they really promise is to make it easier for them to "Think Big" -- borrow money and steamroll over people's property rights to push through projects that would make Muldoon happy. They don't want to protect your property rights, They just want to extend their own power.
  7. Nose to nose with bullshit
    What has Tuhoe got to complain about? Sure, land was confiscated, crops were burned, people were starved ... but that's hardly the whole story, is it?

And of course there's been a whole fortnight's worth of great art, including some very, very special Olympians. Enjoy!

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