Thursday, 24 July 2008

Saluting 'Maori Language Week'

To salute Maori Language Week, Whale Oil has pulled out another hilarious Billy T. James video from YouTube.  Go and have a belly laugh.


  1. PC, I had no idea it was MLW. So I'm reading the other night, taking no notice of the TV on in the background, but vaguely tuned in to catch the late-night weather forecast.

    I thought the announcer had the hiccups at first:

    And now for tomorrow's ------ weather. Auckland can expect ----- rain. Wellington will be very ------ windy .. and so on.

    But then I struck more of the same the next night. State TV seemed particularly wet, thanks to the Charter no doubt.

    I'm disappointed that there's no running text at the bottom of the ads; think how illuminating it would be for Toyota Hilux and Toilet Duck, (although I suspect 'quack quack' in Maori would be similar to 'quack quack' in English. But what would I know). And then there's the feminine hygiene products ...

    It's not the principle, but the whole vibe of wetness that gets me. To which I respond "Fuck off".

    (Which is Maori for 'fuck off').

  2. There was a poll about it on
    The vast majority of voters chose the option: "I won't be speaking any Maori during MLW because I can't be bothered"

  3. Thanks for the link!


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