Thursday, 31 July 2008

Political survival by a thousand cuts

With new revelations of undeclared donations to NZ First revealed in this morning's Dominion, Whale Oil reckons the only man in parliament named after a concrete block is suffering "death by a thousand cuts."

Though not fatal the cuts received thus far are draining the life blood from the carcass of Winston First.

He's mistaken.  Winston isn't dying of this -- he's dying for it.  For months now he's been trying to get headlines, for anything -- anything at all --  and we all know that Winston doesn't care what he get headlines for just as long as he gets those headlines.  He knows that his voters are too dim to either know or care what those headlines are for, just as long as that stern jawline is amongst them.

You see, Winston subscribes to the Oscar Wilde school of PR: to Winston, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.  And he is.  So don't fool yourself that this is Winston's political death.  If anything, these headlines are his resurrection.


  1. His resurrection? Disagree. Conversely, the old saying about giving him enough rope comes to mind.

    True, he's been the wriggliest of eels, but everybody's time comes to an end and I think his is nigh.

  2. Winston's time will only come to an end when five percent of voters say it has. For the five percent of voters he's targeting, for whom pictures in the paper are the way they pick their candidate, Winston has just been resurrected.

    Watch NZ First rise in the polls after all this.

  3. I don't care about Winnies donations because his party questions immigration. Immigration is just raw fuel for the economy with widely disparate (and structurally unsustainable)benefits .

  4. Anon,

    To suggest you post is vague, is to suggest a clarity not forthcoming in your post. Please clarify your position, providing at least some semblance of a supporting argument.

  5. I agree with PC on this one. This is the oxygen of publicity he's been gasping for.

  6. We'll see if PC is right. But I also predict NZ First rising above 5% in the next polls.

  7. Berend

    You're likely correct with your prediction. He'll be back in there for another round. It is certainly possible he'll prevent national from being the government as well- not that it matters.



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