Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Poet - Auguste Rodin


Like The Kiss, you've seen Rodin's Thinker so often you barely see it at all anymore.  But did you know it was first intended to grace a large relief representing the characters from Dante's Divine Comedy, the figure herein intending to represent The Poet, out of hose head the story and all the characters emerged.

Here it is in that setting.  It is Rodin's masterpiece, which is to say it's one of the world's finest artistic creations.


  1. Years ago I read Davis Weiss' 'Naked Came I' which is about Rodin and his sculptures. Shortly afterward I found myself in Washington where they had a exibition of his works collected from around the world. I spent a day of sensual delight wandering around the exibition, recalling the stories and passions around the creation of each of his pieces.

  2. I've seen the large piece, when it traveled to the Metropolitan in New York many years ago. And, even though I'm not a big Rodin fan in general, I have to concede it's an astounding work.

    There are so many magnificent stories and details represented it was fortunate that visitors could get up close and examine them for long periods.


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