Friday, 25 July 2008

NOT PC - the week's best

Here's a wrap up of what proved to be the most-read posts here at NOT PC over the last seven days. Check 'em out if you missed them the first time 'round:

  • Scientists for sophistry
    The Royal Society of NZ was once an objective scientific organisation, but as Vincent Gray's thorough fisking of their recent descent into egregious warmism demonstrates, those days are over.
  • Another interest rate decree set to distort the economy
    How Alan Bollard's interest rate meddling messes with the economy, and with people's natural time preferences ... (part one of three)
  • Nosmo King - by order!
    British anti-smoking zealots are strangling the British pub culture and turning the country into a dictatorship.  Sound familiar?
  • Say "No" to the public-service pushers!
    What makes an eager, fresh-faced intelligent young graduate take their hard-earned degree and, with the whole world as their oyster and opportunity their friend, choose instead to take up a comfortable berth in the civil service -- where instead of being productive themselves, they spend their time, energy and intelligence devising schemes that get in the way of those who are?
  • Beer O'Clock: Hop Heavyweights
    Announcing the battle of the two hoppiest beers ever available in New Zealand, coming soon to a public house near you.  If you're lucky.
  • Dystopia
    At some stage in their lives every thinking person has to read the 'complete collection of classic dystopian novels.' There are many pretenders, but this is the core list...

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