Monday, 21 July 2008


Courtesy NZ HERALD So Winston Peters lied. Again. Something out of which he's built a career.

But did anyone realise he is so low he's prepared to use his mother's death to extricate himself from questions he's unable to answer? To garner sympathy, and so gain a hole to try and wriggle out?

Can anyone possibly have any respect for him again?

Winston Peters keeps them honest. Yeah right.

There are certainly apologies and resignations to be done, as Peters demanded last week -- if, that is, any integrity remained. But the apologies and the resignation should be his.

UPDATE 1: Winston Peters says the money Owen Glen donated (about which he claimed "no knowledge" for so long) didn't go to a "political fund." It went instead to a "solicitors account ... controlled by the Law Society" -- to "a legal fund" set up in 1991 when Mr Peters became involved in a series of legal actions.

No it didn't, says Winston's lawyer [hat tip Whale Oil] -- "no fund or account for Mr Peters’ legal bills existed."

UPDATE 2: Who said this:

There is little corruption in politics in this country, and the corruption that has occurred has been targeted, found out, and exposed.

Answer: Peter Brown, deputy leader of NZ First, opposing a register of pecuniary interests for MPs. And yes, Peter, it has been.

UPDATE 3: David Farrar has a host of questions that a believer in Winston's immaculate integrity would need to believe if they are to maintain their idolatry.

UPDATE 4: And little comment at all, apparently, from blogs or politicians further left. Go figure.


  1. Act gets a ton of money because it represents the interests of the filthy rich.
    Go Winny!

  2. Don't you know PC, Winnie is just following his party policy;

    Our enemies know that if they can’t get rid of Winston Peters and New Zealand First, then their intended conspiracy against the public will fail.

    So we will make our enemies a pact. If they stop telling lies about us, we will stop telling the truth about them.

  3. The only NZ First Policy is the one that says you can fool some of the people all the time...usually just over 5%.

    Peters is a scumbag and his party represent a mishmash of paranoia, nostalgia and bigotry.


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