Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Housing? Me too.

I've had emails asking me to comment on National's housing policy, released today to vigorous spin.

But what's to comment on?

And what's there to say that I haven't already said before, when arguably there was a trifle more to talk about?

Once again, the miasma of 'me too' permeates everything John Key touches,

[Thanks to Scott for the 'redirect.']


  1. Agreed. But then again, why should they or the Gov't have a "housing policy" at all. If one must have a housing policy then why don't have a clothing or pantry contents policy as well?

  2. Rest assured, "Rich Prick," if they thought there were votes in robbing more from rich pricks to keep their voters' pantries and wardrobes full, they would.

  3. I demand a Ministry of Silly Walks!


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