Sunday, 27 July 2008

Heads up this morning

Keep an eye out this morning on TV One, 11:30 am, for Lindsay Perigo appearing on Eye to Eye to discuss 'Mordi Language Week.'


  1. Hehe good performance by Lindsay against his 2 oppositions.

  2. That's "mouldy" language week.

  3. drunken watchman27 Jul 2008, 21:31:00

    I missed Lindsay, but I can tell you he is old hat - it is now 'Mari" language - it stays the same only long enough to keep honky on the hop...

  4. Is it available online any where?

  5. drunken watchman, good to see you around.

    BTW, has PC got your email? We're coming to Tauranga in August, perhaps for 4 or 5 days, and it would be nice to catch up, either at Papamoa or Tauranga where we gonna stay? I am gonna bring some waikato doz for you.


  6. @stevew:
    Eye to Eye episodes eventually appear on Gogglebox but this one's not there yet. When it does it will be at


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