Saturday, 12 July 2008

The best of July, so far!

If your blog reading has been slow and you've missed any of NOT PC since the start of July, then have no fear -- here's the best posts of NOT PC since July 1, as judged by you the visiting reader, you the linking blogger, and me and my own superior judgement.

  1. Are the Greens ten feet tall?
    Some of the 'highlights' from Green high-flyers' speeches at their party conference -- including how the Treaty of Waitangi cures cancer...
  2. Jordan Bad Luck
    Labour's Hunua high-flyer Jordan "I find trade immoral" Carter explains he was a knob when he was 'young.' He's now twenty-six.
  3. Dirty old trains
    What's the greenest way to travel? Wrong. If you want to increase carbon emissions, then get out of your 4WD, and get into a train. These are the real carbon behemoths.
  4. The forecasting delusion
    Economists can never get it right, so why are their crystal balls taken seriously?
  5. No Veitch
    No, I won't be commenting on Tony Veitch -- so why was this the fifth most popular post last week? Beats the hell out of me.
  6. Take off your slippers, John Key...
    ...and start putting the boot in! Susie the Libertarian gives the best radio rant you're going to hear this month.
  7. The Green business oxymoron
    Green business experience? Might as well talk about nomadic urban planning. Or Australian culture.
  8. What a character
    Stephen Franks argues that a candidate's character is more important than his policy. No wonder he's standing for National.
  9. Expo 2000 pavilion - architect Thomas Herzog and structural engineer Julius Natterer
    Who knew you could do this with timber!

And of course, don't miss the Objectivist blog carnival over at Ed's place - everything from McCain to Rockwell, from ecology to freedom of speech. It's all right here at this week's Objectivist round-up.

Have a great weekend -- might see you at Little Bushman. I'll leave you with a few quotes on politics from Oswald's.

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