Friday, 11 July 2008

Another good person gone

Another good person is being driven from these fair shores by overwhelming political effluent. Farewell, Elliot, and all the best.

Ironically, every good person leaving because of the destruction of private property rights, killer taxation, rampant socialism/communism, stupid Greenies, taxpayer funded apartheid, no-hopers paid to breed, global warming hysteria, and a corrupt, bossy, nannying Government makes it even harder to overturn said government -- or more particularly, to overturn the cravenly sheeple-like mentality in the voting classes that makes such a government possible.

And for the most part, where else in the world is any different?

Every time I'm tempted myself to up sticks like Elliot, I think of Dave Henderson's response when friends suggested he let the thugs from the IRD drive him out. "Fuck 'em," said Dave, "this is my home." That's how I feel too.


  1. Robert Winefield11 Jul 2008, 13:05:00

    Yes Peter, but you have a foot hold at least.

    Helen and her goons have ensured that I can't even get a job doing what I do now.

    For me it's a case of fuck NZ, this is my career!

  2. I hate to admit it, but I don't think leaving a corupt country is a sign of cowardice.

    "And for the most part, where else in the world is any different?"

    As of now, true, but many countries are on the right track. I am not speaking of those quirky European microstates (Monaco, Andorra, etc) but of the formerly Communist countries of Eastern Europe (Lativa, Czech) and Asian tigers which seem more intent on preseving western civilisation than the West ever did.


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