Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Temptation too much for top cop(s)

When Eddie Ellison visited  New Zealand a few years ago, he related that when he was head of Scotland Yard's Drug Squad, he used to tell new recruits at every induction to look at their colleagues either side of him.  "If both of them aren't corrupt in two years, then you will be," he'd say.  That was the expected extent of corruption in police Drug Squads, Ellison explained -- the result of a collision between low-paid law enforcement and huge amounts of illicit money.  The money is the result of the War on Drugs.

So it's no surprise to hear that the assistant director of the powerful New South Wales Crime Commission, Mark Standen, has been corrupted by contact with a A$120 million international drug ring.  Whatever an erstwhile crime fighter is being paid, it's always far, far less than the amount of money washing around as the result of the War on Drugs.

That's just one reason that law enforcement officers like Ellison are now part of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Here's Heaven 17, with Temptation.

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