Thursday, 5 June 2008

Some NOT PC stats for May

Some good stats here for NOT PC's last month:

NZ Political Blog Rank for NOT PC: 4th (Feb, 6th)
Alexa Ranking, NZ: 569th (last month 645th)
Alexa Ranking, world: 275,373th (last month 300,467th)
Avge. Monday to Friday readership: 1,019/day (1,044)
Unique visits [from Statcounter] 28,672 (30,025)
Page views [from Statcounter] 45,240 (46,767)

Top posts:

Top referring sites: 
   Search engines, Kiwiblog, 1324 referrals; Libertarianz, 603;  Whale Oil, 533; Libertarian Front, 266; No Minister, 198; Mulholland Drive, 185; The Hive, 153; Anti Dismal, 134;  Rod Drury, 127
Top searches:
    not pc, 482; broadacre city, 154; studionz, 104; china olympics, 93; peter cresswell, 70; nipcc, 66;  ipcc bali, 62; john key me too, 61; objectivism montessori, 60; sustainability not pc, 57
They're reading NOT PC here:
Top countries (measured by Statcounter):
   NZ, 51%; USA, 16%; Australia, 5.2%; UK, 3.5%; Italy, 2.4%; Canada, 1.8%;  Germany, 1.1%
Top cities (Statcounter):  
   Auckland, 14.2%; Wellington, 3.6%; Melbourne, 2.6%; Christchurch, 2.4%; Palmerston North, 1.2%, London, 1.8%; Sydney, 0.9%; Tel Aviv, 0.8%; Paris, 0.7%; Bronx, 0.7%; Toronto, 0.7%

Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading and linking to NOT PC, 
Peter Cresswell

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