Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Loudon goes global on Obama

What began as a few posts on his New Zeal blog exploring the political origins of Barack Obama has ended up with Christchurch blogger Trevor Loudon being invited to Washington to deliver his research in person.

barack-obama-official-small Obama, whom Loudon describes as “Keith Locke with charisma,” grew up and has lived his life in what Max Friedman calls a “Marxist Rich Environment.”  So too have many other red nappy babies who have lived to tell a more rational tale, Lindsay Perigo amongst them, but Loudon says that Obama’s ties to the extreme left are not only historical, but are contemporary and ongoing.

Obama's teenage mentor was the communist poet Frank Marshall Davis. Loudon posted on this on his blog back in March 2007, and it was this discovery that first piqued his interest. He discovered that Obama’s career has been supported for many years by the Chicago branch of the US Communist Party (a CPUSA breakaway group), the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and the Chicago branch of Democratic Socialists of America (which is, despite its name, a Marxist organization). Part of the information documenting Obama's ongoing interactions with the latter two groups, including his decision to launch his political campaign in 1995 at the home of two convicted terrorists, was published in a series of 20 articles on Loudon's blog.

Loudon_Washinghton These posts quickly garnered the attention of the US blogosphere, starting with the Democratic Socialists themselves, and spreading gradually to right-wing US blogs, gingerbread conservative outlets and, more recently, the conservative organisation 'Accuracy In Media' founded by Max Friedman (pictured right with Loudon and other AIM colleagues) which combined this with further juicy Communist Party associations (communist mentor unmasked!) and threw it out as an example of how the news media has a liberal bias for not reporting the story.

It was this 'Accuracy in Media' article that went viral, being republished on hundreds, if not thousands of US websites.  If this is to be believed, even the increasingly desperate Clintonistas are distributing it. 

AIM’s Cliff Kincaid has published several subsequent articles on the subject, all of which have been republished all over the US.  A small group formed, which included Cliff Kincaid, Loudon, and two of the US’s leading communist history researchers Max Friedman and Herb Romerstein (that's the whole team above), to undertake more extensive research into Obama’s background, culminating in a press conference in Washington DC last week which released two major dossiers:

The journalists covering the conference included a Russian TV station, leading the group to joke that the Russians were there to see what “we had on their man.” The conference has been extensively covered favourably on hundreds of US websites including Renew America and WorldNetDaily -- and mockingly in a half-page story on page 3 of the Washington Post.  Loudon’s material has also been picked up by David Horowitz's Frontpage Magazine and Discover the Network website. 

Loudon heads back to Christchurch this week, satisfied in the knowledge that Scott Dixon isn't the only Kiwi making waves in the States.


  1. Elijah Lineberry27 May 2008, 11:35:00

    Well done, Trevor!

    With any luck the Republicans will get up to their old tricks and create a "Loudon-Boat" campaign to introduce the American public to the 'real' Obama...

  2. 'Keith Locke with charisma'???? (shudder)

  3. In Trevor's McCarthiest fantasy world everyone's a communist. The truth is that Obama's no-more right wing in his policy detail than the Labour-Lite National Party. But hey, don't let reality get in the way of you fantastical ravings.


  4. What a coup, brilliant work Trevor!

    And oh now, roger nome is here as well. Please PC, can you block him? I'm not in favour of blocking, but no one on this site has been a troll so far. This guy is. He contributes nothing.

  5. Please PC, can you block him?

    Hell yeah. He's probably a unionist, and a Labour party member, and certainly a socialist,

    He shouldn't be allowed to vote, and shouldn't be allowed any tax dollars. So, seriously why should he be allowed anywhere near a NOT PC Blog.

    just nail him now.

  6. Way to go Trevor!

    Now who says bloggers are insignificant...

  7. I was going to say gosh who even decided to invite him woudl have been left feeling like a right dolt with a whole lot of explaining to do to his boss. Then I read it was for AIM....

  8. Hello PC and all you Zealanders. Thanks to the internet the world is getting smaller and it is easier to meet great people like Trevor. His internet research will definitely rank as legendary concerning what he did to bring out of the shadows some very interesting and disturbing information about Sen. Obama (USA).

    I would like to claim the title of one of "two of the US's leading communist history researchers", but that honor goes to Herb Romerstein who at one time was the youngest member of the CPUSA before he saw through their intellectual dishonesty. He is also a veteran of the Korean War and has spent over 50 years in the investigative/security arena.

    My claim to being a good researcher lies in one of my life's philosophies, namely - "Outlive the bastards and keep better files." That is how I became part of the research team for the "anti-war movement" section of "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry."

    I was an accredited correspondent in So. Vietnam and Cambodia in the Fall, 1970, but I was involved in internal security affairs as an undercover operative from 1968-69, which is why some of the names of those around Obama ring a lot of bells. I actually mentioned Bill Ayers and other SDSers in my congressional testimony on communist control of the "anti-Vietnam" (organized) movement. That is how I got involved in the McDowell Luncheon Group from which the media watchdog Accuracy in Media evolved.

    We were really pissed at the horrible coverage of the Vietnam War that appeared in the New York Times, Wash. Post (there were some honorable exceptions among their Vietnam reporters), and other mainstream media.

    To quote former US Secretary of State Dean Acheson, I was "present at the creation" of AIM, and am glad that it is in able hands with Don Irvine and Cliff Kincaid.

    Re the term "Swiftboating". If it means telling the truth, then that is a proper description of what we did to Sen. Kerry, and are now doing to Sen. Obama. Telling the truth - that's what it is all about.

    Don't worry about the "mockingly" half-page smear job the Washington Post's top political reporter/analysis/commentator and snake-oil salesman did on the press conference and the individuals. He had no intention of covering the press conference in a detached, objective manner, but he became our best PR man in the media.

    We got out to the American public the key points that our research had uncovered about Obama's interesting friends, and to his credit, WP writer Dana Milbank did 1quote us very accurately, which I think he now regrets.

    I'm a big fan of science fiction, and loves some of the quotes from shows such as Star Trek and "X-Files".

    Therefore I leave you with Fox Mulder's famous line from "The X-Files", regarding Obama's background and influences on him, namely that "The truth is out there!"

    Glad to have Trevor Loudon on our side and doing the superb job that he has done, and will do.

    Max Friedman, aka "Madmax" (Loved "The Road Warrior" and Mel Gibson)

  9. For decades Trevor has been pointing out the links between the communist, environmentalist, Maori separatist and fraudulently-titled "peace" movements. The Urerewa terror camps and released transcripts last year shows how spot on he's been. Long may he expose these operators. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.


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