Monday, 9 June 2008

Seven Steps to Beat Back the Socialist Wildlife

Environmental_Judo When I posted my Seven Steps to Beat Back the Socialist Wildlife a while back -- seven transitional policies to advance the cause of environmental deregulation -- I received several thousand emails (well, one) insisting I publish them together as a tome you can download.

So I have. 

By clicking either on the picture to the right of you or the following link (this one here) you too can download all 26 PDF pages of these seven environmental policies that are so cunning you could put an Italian accent on them and call them Machiavelli -- all of them using MMP to beat back the grey ones, and leave property rights in the place of superiority they  should be.

I plan to hand one or two to a few of the politicians at Fieldays later in the week. 

Feel free to do the same job by email.  ;^)

NB: Links are now fixed.


  1. Link does not work. Asks for username/password

  2. I tried anonymouse, but it didn't like that.

  3. Oops. Fixed now. :-)

    BTW, Fist, what's with the 'Gordon is a Moron' look?

  4. It wants a px from me as well?

  5. Ah. Pure Crésswélliân genius.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. It is my life's mission to mock the man until he dies, or is succeeded as Subprime Minister of the UK of GB and NI.

    The damage wrought on this country by Klark & Sullen pales against what this man has done to the UK, first as Chancellor of the Exchequer, then as PM.

    The photo depicts a man under strain.


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