Friday, 20 June 2008

'Femme' - Pablo Picasso


See, I told you Picasso could draw when he wanted.  Pablo Picasso never got called an arsehole.


  1. Man, could he. If you ever doubt it, check out this early work.

    (Unfortunately, it also demonstrates what a con man he was, since he could do this but chose to do the crap for which he is famous.)

    First Communion

  2. If I'm ever making a biscuit tin I'll be sure and put first communion on it. (not that it's bad, you understand)

    I may have actually seen it; I believe it was the museo picasso I went to. The thing that actually struk was two rooms worth of cubist studies on somebody's old-masterwork group portrait. I think it's fair to say he wasn't just faffing about.

  3. And it might be fashionable of me, but I think the picasso drawing with don quixote and the windmills i pretty ramarkable too.

  4. Is "Femme'-Picasso" the reproduction of "Fraction of a Woman's Body"? I have found it under this other name. Do you know how much an original on some type of tan canvas and framed in an old thin wooden frame is worth? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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