Thursday, 12 June 2008

Libz firearms spokesman online

When Libertarianz firearms spokesman Peter Linton appeared on TVNZ's Eye to Eye last weekend with Willie Jackson, John Tamihere, Marie Dyhrberg, & Hone Harawira, no one knew that the unarmed Navtej Singh was about to be brutally murdered for the price of a case of beer.

In the wake of that senseless killing, their debate on the police, guns, self defence and tasers takes on new relevance, and can now be seen online via Libz TV.


  1. I am sure the trendy liberals will still be opposed to tasers despite the brutal murder of Mr Singh...such is their gutlessness.

  2. tasers would be great for all people to protect themselves and their property..but if they use firearms they shoudn;t be prosocuted..investigated maybe..stuff molly cuddling the violent crims..all the psychologists in the world can;t make those buggers better people if they don;t want to be

  3. Fuck tasers.

    South Auckland should be a designatied armed response zone. We need armed police on patrol 24/7 with flak jackets & helmets and sawn-offs and Uzis.

    Anything like this happens, they respond in minutes, any car keeps driving, anyone doesn't hit the deck, well you just take them out for keeps.

    Anyone in a gang or a union - just open up the season.

  4. The police could be quadrupled in numbers and be armed to the eyeballs and still make absolutely no difference at all to personal safety.

    Once you are confronted are you going to pull out your cell phone and call the cops and ask your assailant to put down his gun, axe, machete or concrete block, while you dialing 111? That is of course if you get a signal, your battery is not flat, you remember to have your cellphone glued to your body at all times and you are not being strangled whilst screaming for help.

    Even if you did get a call out, how long do you expect to wait for the boys in blue to actually arrive?

    Rest assured it would all be over in a few seconds.

    You are on your own. Either you have the means to protect yourself or you remain a lame duck.

    You life, your children's life and your property would all be safe as cotton wool, the moment you say "stop or I'll shoot".

  5. Rebel, you forgot: will your assailant wait patently while you explain to the "control room" bimbo for the 10th time that Palmerston is NOT in the centre of the North Island.

  6. What Rebel Radius said. Exactly.
    All else is theory and wishful thinking.


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