Thursday, 5 June 2008

It's cold outside!

It's not just  New Zealand that had a cold May.  Satellite data is just out, showing that the whole world was colder in May: "The global anomaly was -0.17 °C, the coldest reading after January 2000," summarises Lubos Motl at The Reference Frame, "and the third coldest monthly figure after September 1993."

And even though the northern hemisphere is going into spring, the temperature in the northern troposphere (the part of the atmosphere that warmists' models say warming will occur) was 0.21 °C cooler than it was in April, and in the southern hemisphere  was cooler by 0.17 °C.

This confirms, as Lubos says wryly, "a warming trend" for the Southern Hemisphere during the last 30 years of 0.00 °C per decade -- so quite how David Wratt and NIWA can extrapolate this 'trend' to predict  "hot, dry Auckland summers, a wetter West Coast and plummeting frost-days await us" we can only guess.  Perhaps their careers are on the line?

So just to summarise: May was cold.  Colder than a well digger's arse.  Colder than it's been since September 1993.  Colder even than all the cool months in 2008 - and January 2008 "experienced the sharpest January-to-January global temperature drop - three quarters of a degree Celsius - since records began in 1880."  Colder than a ticket-taker's smile at the Aotea Centre on a Saturday night.

Lubos has a graph showing temperatures for the last seventeen months, including those two extreme Januaries:

And Anthony Watts provides an even broader context to this latest seventeen-month trend:

the change since the last big peak in global temperature in January 2007 at 0.594°C [gives] a 16 month change in temperature of -0.774°C which is equal in magnitude to the generally agreed upon “global warming signal” of the last 100 years...

That graph, by the way, shows all the years of the 'modern warming' era, and the drop over just seventeen months that more than equals the hundred-year rise of 0.6°C that is the "global warming signal" that launched several thousand warmists on the world.

Something to think about on World Environment Day.  If "global warming" exists anywhere, it's looking less and less likely that it exists around the globe.

[NB:I'm indebted to Tom Waits for the quips.  They were his first.]


  1. It is difficult to look at the graph without seeing an upward trend over the period represented coupled with greater extremes.

  2. Just to add a small bit of icy fuel to the non-fire, here in Idaho we've had not only the heaviest snowfall in 50 years but also it was colder later in May than it has been since 1883.

  3. alan, the graph only covers 40 years.
    If you could see a similar graph over the last 200, 2000, 20,000 or 200,000 years, you'd see both hotter and colder times than this.

    So I don't see how human-caused warming has been "proven".


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